White Shot SXS N
White Shot SXS N
White Shot SXS N
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White Shot SXS N

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Aim for a skin tone with abundant clarity with newly reformulated White Shot SXS N, an intensive skin brightening serum that targets persistent pigmentation.

With an industry-first discovery that persistent blemishes are caused by bundles of nerves deep within the skin which produce a chemical substance that overstimulates melanin production, creating “aggressive noise” that inhibits the natural radiance of the skin.

This new targeted serum is enriched with POLA's new original ingredient N Clearing Extract and SC Complex to support glowing skin and POLA's original complex Rucinol® EX (2 types of skin-brightening active ingredients and beauty ingredients), POLA's original compound beauty ingredients m-A Clearing Extract, Clearnol, and m-Shooter to support skin clarity.

Its thick, creamy texture spreads lightly and comfortably, firmly adhereing to the area of concern to create skin with crystal clarity.



Use morning and night after applying lotion.

Amount to use:
Apply a small pearl size for areas of concern and three small pearl size per cheek when applying over a large area.


1. Squeeze the serum out of the tube and apply a small pearl size on the area of concern.

2. Then gently press it with the pad of your finger so that it penetrates.

3. Lastly, blend the serum gently in a circular motion so that it firmly adheres to the skin.



POLA originates from Japan and uses over 19 million skin data points to scientifically create the most groundbreaking and awarded skincare products. Formed in 1929 by a founder who created products to protect his much loved wife’s skin, the brand lives its “Science.Art.Love” philosophy.


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